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No.41  Edition, Oct. 2019
  Industry News
IHS Markit: growing market for compound fertilizers driven by demand to feed rapidly expanding popul...
Driven by a rapidly expanding global population and a decline in the amount of arable land per-capita, the global market demand for compound fertilizers – already valued at approximately US$50 billion – is expected to grow nearly 3% annually through the forecast period of 2018 to 2023.MORE
Mosaic to temporarily curtail production at Esterhazy potash mine
The Mosaic Company is to temporarily curtail production at its Esterhazy mine in Saskatchewan, Canada, which when combined with a previously announced potash curtailment, brings total curtailments to up to 600 000 t.MORE
Increasing demand for ammonium nitrate in Russia
In the Russian market the price of ammonium nitrate continued to fall in the second half of September. This contributed to the increased demand for the product from both traders and large agricultural holdings.MORE
Special Report: Fertilizer: More Valuable Than Oil
I am talking about phosphate — the component in fertilizer essential for root and stem development in plants, and for which there is no agricultural substitute. Some 200 million metric tonnes are produced annually worldwide. Just about 70% of that comes from the Middle East and Northern Africa. For contrast, only about 40-50% of the oil comes from those regions.MORE
Irrigation 4.0
A smart irrigation system is a perfect cyber-physical test bed, a collection of hardware for delivering water in a spatially precise, timely manner assisted by algorithms that use multiple layers of digital information from sensors, drones, weather stations, soil maps, etc.MORE
Agrimin builds a port
The Australian company Agrimin has selected an engineering design contractor for the Wyndham Port. The facility will provide a bulk ship loading solution specifically tailored to tranship sulphate of potash from the Mackay Potash Project.MORE
A Brief History of Phosphorus
Around 1669, in his basement in Hamburg, Germany, Hennig Brand, one of the last alchemists, boiled down about 1,500 gallons of human urine in search of the Philosopher Stone. These alchemists believed this mystic stone could transmute any metal into gold.MORE
Chinese Agrochem Industry Steps into New...
The 10th FSHOW ended successfully, and S...
Kingenta Participated in the 10th FSHOW
What Happened to The Founder of Granular...
MONBAND attend 10th FSHOW Exhibition in ...
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